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Children's Show

Meet Our Staff

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What is the children's show?

The children's show is a play performed by kids for kids. Our children's show selection is always a show that is appropriate for children to be in and also watch. Ages 7-18 are welcome to audition to be in the show and kids and adults of all ages will enjoy our performances!


There are only two requirements to be in Oakwood Summer Theatre's Children's Show. 

1. Your child must be between the ages of 7 and 18.

2. Your child comes in ready to learn, grow their performance skills and have fun! Your child will create a lifetime of memories and build lifelong friendships here at Oakwood Summer Theatre. 

Your child does not need any prior theatre experience to be part of Oakwood Summer Theatre's children's show. You will learn all the basics you need. Here at Oakwood Summer Theatre, everyone who auditions gets a role and is included in the show. And every role is important! Without an ensemble there is no show! We just ask for your commitment to the show. We hope you are as excited about the stage as we are! 





Audition dates and times will be posted under the "AUDITIONS" tab on the website and on social media. 

We understand your child might be nervous about auditions. The best way to calm the nerves is to go in knowing what to expect. So here it is! When you arrive to Davidow Hall at Salem Community College there will be a welcome table for you fill out two forms; an audition form and a release form. Once you have filled out your forms you will head into the auditorium or designated classroom and wait to audition. You will be handed a page from the script to read from (parents read over this with your child to make sure there aren't any words they don't know). You may also want to use this time to relax, focus and practice your song. 

When you are called to the stage you will read the script and then sing your song. You can sing anything from your favorite broadway tune to happy birthday. We are looking for confidence, vocal range, and volume. So speak and sing loudly and clearly so that the people in the back can hear you. 

Once the auditions are over you will receive an email or a phone call about your child's role. A cast list will also be posted on social media and under the "CAST LISTS" tab on the website. 





Rehearsals will be held in the foyer or auditorium of Davidow Hall at Salem Community College. Rehearsals run Monday-Thursday, there are no Friday rehearsals, from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Lead roles may be asked to come earlier or stay later to rehearse. The first day of rehearsal will depend on audition dates and how fast the show is cast, so keep checking your email for the first day of rehearsal. 


There is a small fee of $45 per child to be in the show. Each additional family member is only $35. Must be immediate family, siblings or parent/child, cousins do not count as immediate family. 

Tickets to the performance cost $10 each. As of now, we accept cash only. 

Performance Dates

2024 Summer Show Dates:

Wednesday, July 10, 7:00pm
Thursday,  July 11, 7:00pm
Friday, July 12, 10:00am and 7:00pm.


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