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Congratulations to everyone who auditioned. Here at Oakwood Summer Theatre we believe that everyone deserves a role. We have lead roles and ensemble roles, but EVERY role is equally important to a successful production. We couldn't have a show without an entire cast. Our stage is a place to learn theatre basics, characterization and proper stage etiquette (on stage, backstage and in the audience). Our stage is a place to grow your love of theatre. How do you know you love theatre iF you are never given the chance to be onstage? Everyone has to start somewhere! Oakwood gives everyone that chance and this is the best place to start! Welcome to the Oakwood family.





Ralph as an adult - Julie Agnew

Ralphie Parker - Oliver Agnew

Mother - Tonya Barnes

The Old Man - Cody Higinbotham

Randy - Nathan Cordova

Miss Shields - Desiree Lara

Flick - Nora Daniels

Schwartz - Adriana Green

Esther Jane- Iyona Thompson

Helen- Jillian Wolfer

Scut Farcus - Jailyn Halstead

Santa- Shawn Patton

Ensemble - Emma Petrie , Azalea Barnes, Gianna Castiglione

Margie- Adrianna Green 

Bombalurina- Erin Davis 

Mom- Alana Smith 

Tammy- Aubree Caltabiano 

Lady in red- Kaylee Rafine 

Officer Ketchum- Bryn Bucksar 

Fingers- Mary Griffith 

Eddie- Camryn Burns 

Book fairy- Jaida Burns 

Robin hood- Jacob Martinez 

Tom Sawyer- Catherine Cronin 

Sherlock Holmes- Emilee Kehr 

Toto- Nora Shute 

Dorothy- Jasmyne Prater 

Heidi- Finn Hogate 

Pollyanna- Braelyn Chiarelle 

Fagin- Anthony Smith 

Long John Silver-Iyonna Thompson 

DoctorDolittle- Vivienne Ferrell 

Queen of Hearts- Ella Kehr 

Frankenstein- Bryce Painter 

Wicked Witch of the West- Emma Hankin 

Hopalong Cassidy- Grace Bays



Melanie Gannon 

Ariana Lape 

Zoē Racite 

Adessa Plum 

Rylee Driver 

Isabella Pedrick 

Addison Painter 

Olivia Painter 

Lilia Smith 

Keira Smith 

Elena Austin 

Karsen Rafine 

Finnegan Todd 

Ella Turner 

Azalea Barnes 

Autumn Driver 

McKinlee Johnson 

Mia Rainey 

Zoey Elias 

Remy Bishop 

Lily Griffith

Jo March - Tara O'Connor

Professor Bhaver - Jim Cook

Laurie - 

Amy March - Grace Palladinetti

Meg March - Rebecca Olson

Beth March - Mia Schauers

Marmee March -Amber Baratz

Mr. Laurence - Ben Wentzell

Aunt March - Annette Devitt

John Brooke - Cody Higinbotham

Mrs. Kirk - Patrice Sharkey

Clarrisa - Hannah Sharkey

Rodrigo - Dominic Melchiorre

The Hag - Auriana Burns

The Troll - Adriana Green

Rodrigo II - Camryn Burns



Amber Baratz

Taylor Zotter

Jaida Burns

Kaylin Beardsley

Kara Beardsley

Chloe Moylan

Nora Daniels

Iyonna Thompson

Nikoleta Barboni

Patty Fralinger

Margaret Wood

Bella Fraticelli

Evelyn Borden

Jasmyne Prater

Emily Kehr

Brittany Mason

“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.”
― Terrence Mann

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